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Project Description
Sustainable Software Development Framework is the prototype of the Reusable, Technology independent, Model based, Generic business workflow framework.

Sustainable methodology

The sustainable methodology is the model based software creation process for implementing general end user business workflow software.

It is the platform of the best practice implementation on the fly from any business model.


Project prototype

The project as a prototype is running in the development environment only and it is not in a release state.

The prototype is designed but needs more time and resource to be finally released.


Project history

The research Project has been started at 2012. sept. funded by PentaTrade Ltd.

The project is the software prototype of the sustainable development methodology research.

This project is currently on hold and published as a reference for future development.



The basic idea came from the project where the models became the concrete ViewModel and the concrete view. See WpfDynamicUI for more details...


If you have any questions regarding the project feel free to contact me.

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